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Case Study For NEXMO Future Integrations

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As a user of NEXMO, I began with a customer need. I realized NEXMO does not have integrations offering for OMETRIA consider by the experts as the future of retail marketing.


  • To create a product plan that would bridge the data gap for current or future eCommerce retailers using Nexmo.
  • Research platforms that would provide that deeper analysis by integrating with Nexmo so that users can attain the offering.
  • Validating that more coverage on offered integrations will allow Nexmo to close in on more customers and lead to an increase in profit.

During: Process and Solution



Market researchCustomer research


Customer needsCompetitor feature comparison Resources requiredCost/Benefit SpecsPrototyping

Testing & QA

Set launch planSet launch date
Deliverables include:  Integration concept docs Deliverables include:  Outline of User StoriesCompetitor Feature Comparison

Integration offering

Deliverables include:  Scope of work Deliverables include: Development estimatesDev Roadmap Deliverables include:  Launch planFinal launch date plan and communications

Market Research Approach and Findings

Stage 1: Search the market for competitors of Nexmo and outline their offerings. 


Stage 2: Search the integration market for an eCommerce focused data platform integration. 

After research through many alternatives like Hubspot, Mixpanel, and Looker I landed on Ometria. Ometria is a platform for Customer Marketing Retail platform that will integrate nicely with Nexmo.

Ometria is experiencing exponential growth in the market as well as in their company size, indicating that they’re incorporating more employees to handle and produce their skyrocketing business. Nexmo wants to be the latest in the market with integrations, and this is a perfect way to build upon the growth of Ometria but adding it as integration and bringing in more new customers due to the offering.

Ometria Company Growth


High growth Great for Nexmo to be a top partner with Ometria as we work to impact the market and blow our competitors out of the water.By adopting Ometria will be able to integrate a direct Hubspot competitor which has the potential to set us apart in the market.
Latest tech-driven features
Active Developer support

User Research Approach 

Key components

– Type of research? Exploratory research-driven approach.

– Setting up a research plan with my hypothesis that Ometria is the next integration for Nexmo to offer due to its feature set and growing market attention.

– Invite 20 current Nexmo users and run exploratory questions to understand their current pain points

– Additionally, have our participants run 2 or 3 tasks where I can note the user flow and behaviour of integrations they’re looking to use.

– From the research create wireframes as shown below to share with Engineering and Design on how this integration will play out.


y design approach below will feature the following key points:

– The Nexmo Dashboard with the added ability to choose and select an integration

– An updated integrations page showcasing Ometria

– An announcement on Ometria’s Documentation sharing with customers the new integration with Nexmo

My design execution is delivering on adding Ometria as a new integration to Nexmo in a seamless way where users can interact and use Ometria as integration within their dashboard. It was also crucial to create a connection between the Ometria documentation pages and Nexmo in order to share the new integration partnership with as many customers as possible.

Nexmo Dashboard


Integrations Page



Ometria Documentation



Development Approach + Team Dynamics


For the fictional planning, I will lead a team of Engineers and Designers to collaborate with and help unblock in order to deliver the outcomes above. I will be exercising an Agile and Scrum framework to allow my team to move quickly, deliver early and iterate along the way with customer feedback.

Development Planning


Define the customer and business needs of delivering a new integration (Ometria) that makes us a strong competitor in the market and allows us to close in on more customers.


– Created a set of user stories for our v1 integration release. This included the use cases only and no technical work.

– Meeting with Engineering and Designers to review and understand the use cases for the Ometria integration

– Engineering will work to stand up the technical tasks in our Backlog

– Ensuring aligned understanding of the scope of work for each user story as well as tweaking the user stories with more of the customer «why» as well as the business goals

Sample JIRA Backlog View with a Sprint v1 for Ometria IntegrationRelease


Lite Roadmap View



After: The Result

Cross-functional and user communications

  • Sales Training and Marketing training will be conducted to ensure proper use and communication of integration.
  • Customers and developers will receive a pre-release and a post-release notification informing them of this upcoming integration offering.


  • To measure our success I have put in place metrics.
  • To measure engagement: What percentage of users are integrating Ometria in comparison to our most popular integration?
  • To measure happiness: Do we see a growth in new customers? This could point to our current customers sharing the new integration offering with partners and brining us referral business.

Takeaways and Learnings

How NEXMO needs to analyse the most significant customer’s competence and create integrations for them as well to create a massive impact on the market

How important it is to «get out of the office» and interact with all possible user types regularly.

How to manage budgeting & burn rate while running lean.

How to utilize my natural «connector» abilities to strengthen my network and connect with CEOs and veterans of the industry for mentorship.

How to use techniques from other disciplines «NLP» to strengthen my process.

Created by Luis Jurado