Think like a Monk! The best advice to be a better Product Manager

The words we typically use like Vision, Happiness, Satisfaction, Value, Humility as a Product Manager is all imbibed in the life of a monk.

We desire stuff in life, to become better leaders, earn more money but does that guarantee anything in life – any of the above thoughts – NO

A true monk knows

1. Desire is personal, Vision is all-inclusive – when you think how a problem impacts peoples lives besides you then you have a vision

2. Humility lies in compassion – if you are not accessible to folks who need genuine help, no product will be built by you which has the same – it starts with you

3. Happiness doesn’t lie in goals, happiness lies in purpose whether you achieve or dont achieve. If goals decide how you feel, you are tied to an outcome not the process ( hence not passionate about it )

4. Why things hurt/affect us is because we are tied to an image of ours – I am a great this or that or I have a strong background in this. When there is no image and pure passion – you can’t get hurt! and objectivity breeds

P.S: It’s not a typical #productmanagement post and might feel away over top but sometimes the things we dont talk about are the ones we should talk about

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