Product Manager Burnout: The Consequences of Constant Meeting Overload

Product Manager Burnout is a phenomenon that has been cropping up more and more in the modern workplace. Product Managers are responsible for product design, development, and marketing, often holding multiple roles within the organization simultaneously. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re often dealing with meeting overload, where they’re expected to attend numerous meetings and participate in multi-stakeholder conversations, often with little down time in between. This kind of work-life balance is unsustainable, and can lead to burnout, underperformance, and even mental health issues.

What is Meeting Overload?

Meeting overload can be defined as an excessive number of meetings that are expected of Product Managers, often interfering with their ability to properly carry out their job responsibilities. This type of burnout can occur when a Product Manager is expected to attend too many meetings, with little downtime in between. It can also manifest itself due to distraction, where meetings take away from the time that could be spent actually doing the job.

Consequences of Meeting Overload

When Product Managers are overloaded with meetings, the consequences can be significant. They can include:

    • Decreased Productivity: Too many meetings can take away from the amount of time that should be spent on creating and developing products, which can lead to decreased productivity and an inability to meet deadlines.
    • Underperformance: Meeting overload can take away from the amount of time that could otherwise be devoted to actually doing the job, leading to underperformance in the workplace.
    • Burnout: The constant stress of attending meetings combined with the lack of time to actually do their job can lead to burnout, which can be accompanied by physical and mental health issues.
    • Decreased Morale: Employee morale can suffer when Product Managers are constantly bogged down with meetings, as they may feel they’re not being given the proper resources to get their job done.

Tips to Avoid Meeting Overload

Product Managers can take some measures to reduce the amount of meetings they have to attend. Here are a few tips:

    • Limit Scrum Meetings: Scrum meetings are often held to discuss the progress of a product, but they can become unproductive if they’re held too often. Limiting these meetings to a few times a week can reduce the amount of time spent in them.
    • Schedule Meetings Wisely: Product Managers should strive to schedule meetings only when absolutely necessary, and try to plan them in advance so that there is enough time to prepare.
    • Set Boundaries: Product Managers should not be afraid to set boundaries when it comes to meetings, and communicate clearly when they are getting overwhelmed.
    • Get Some Rest: Taking some time off in between meetings can help Product Managers stay focused and productive. Having some downtime can help them recharge and be more productive.


Product Manager Burnout due to meeting overload is becoming increasingly common in today’s workplace. Product Managers should strive to limit the number of meetings they attend and stick to their schedules in order to avoid burnout and other negative consequences. Taking some time off and setting boundaries can help Product Managers remain productive in their roles without becoming overworked.

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