Product Growth: The Role of Engagement, Stickiness and Retention

Product growth is a journey. It’s a thoughtfully crafted and extremely rewarding experience that helps to ensure customer success. Product growth involves customer engagement, stickiness, and retention, and is the key to any successful product.


Engagement is the first step in product growth. It is the key to gaining customer loyalty and trust Engagement is when customers first interact with your product and it’s your opportunity to set the tone for long-term success. Engaging customers right away gives them a reason to stay and build a relationship with your product.

Ways to Increase Engagement

    • Utilizing marketing channels to build awareness and reach potential customers
    • Improving customer onboarding to ensure an easy and harmonious user experience
    • Nurturing relationships with customers through regular communication such as emails and newsletters
    • Improving product features, usability, and functionality to make it easier to use
    • Personifying the customer experience to make it more meaningful and memorable
    • Creating content that educates and informs customers about the product
    • Rewarding customers for their loyalty and engagement
    • Taking the time to listen and address customer feedback


Once customers are engaged, the goal is to keep them coming back for more. This is where product stickiness comes into play. Product stickiness is the measure of user loyalty, and it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Ways to Increase Stickiness

    • Improving product features and usability to deliver an excellent user experience
    • Continually rolling out new features to keep customers engaged and satisfied
    • Focusing on customer service to ensure customers feel valued and appreciated
    • Creating a sense of belonging to encourage customers to become invested in the product
    • Integrating technology to bring customers an enjoyable and effortless experience
    • Introducing exciting campaigns to help keep customers engaged and excited
    • Incentivizing customers to return with discounts and offers
    • Listening to customer feedback and addressing their concerns


The third step in product growth is retention. Retention is the final piece of the puzzle. It is the key to a successful product. Retention is when customers keep coming back for more and engaging with your product over and over again.

Ways to Increase Retention

    • Focusing on customer experience to ensure a smooth and effortless journey
    • Regularly communicating with customers to stay top of mind
    • Investing in customer service to provide exceptional support
    • Optimizing the product to deliver an efficient user experience
    • Launching campaigns to engage customers and keep them interested
    • Incentivizing customers with rewards and discounts
    • Leveraging user-generated content to deepen customer relationships
    • Listening to customer feedback and addressing their suggestions and concerns


Product growth involves customer engagement, stickiness, and retention. In order to achieve product growth, businesses must focus on increasing engagement, improving stickiness, and boosting retention. With the right tactics, businesses can effectively grow their product and achieve long-term success.

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