Product Management Mantras For Productivity Increase

Product management mantras can be of great value in delivering management solutions. Product management mantras can assist product development by facilitating effective communication between the product development team and management. Product management mantras can help in achieving product development goals and timelines. They can also be used as guidelines for the entire product development process and thereby, can be a guide to get the desired results.

Product management is required in every organization from product development to product launch. This management concept can be understood by the simple definition. In product development, the process includes planning, conceptualizing, execution, measurement, optimization, and control. In this context, the term ‘control’ refers to a set of activities that make up the entire product development life cycle.

There are various product management concepts and practices that need to be incorporated for a successful product development. These concepts and practices can be learnt through management software such as Six Sigma. The use of management software is useful because it makes the process transparent. Management software aids in categorizing the various product development activities thus, making it easier to track the progress of each activity. The various concepts and practices associated with product management include product development planning, product development definition, product development methodology, and product analysis.


The various product management mantras focus on various activities like product engineering design, prototyping, product testing, and product review. The product engineering design includes the idea of creating a product design by gathering relevant information about the customer’s requirements. Designing product prototypes helps in testing whether the product satisfies the customer’s demands. Product testing helps in determining product functionality and reliability.

Product engineering design focuses on the manufacturing process and thus, helps in determining the product development cost. Product testing helps in verifying whether the product meets the requirements. The product development concept focuses on creating a product that has high impact in the market. In product management, it is very important to understand the product management concepts thoroughly because without understanding the concept, managing the product will become difficult. The product management concept should be made part of the overall product management plan.

The product management concept should also incorporate financial management services. This ensures that the product resources are well utilized and the product remains cost effective. The product management concept should also include quality management services. This ensures that the product meets the customers requirements completely. The concept of quality management services also includes providing feedback services to the customers.

The product development process involves creating a product specification, establishing product development plans, product testing, product analysis, and product optimization. This is followed by the initiation of product manufacturing processes. These processes include conception of product, development of product, production of product, packaging and labeling processes and other marketing processes. Thus, apart from the product management concept, each of these steps is also related to the product development costs.

A product management mantra can be formulated by selecting a management concept and defining it as a key responsibility of the company. This Mantra should then be incorporated in the product development plan so as to ensure that the company fulfills its targets. Many companies follow a product management mantra that is provided in the SOPs of their project. This enables the company to effectively deal with product development, without having to spend too much money on such activities.

A product management mantra ensures that the product development team is effective. Thus, it helps to align the efforts of the product development team with the plan. It also helps in measuring the success of the product development effort and hence, it becomes easier to measure the success rate of the product.

An effective product management mantra should be written down as a part of the business planning of the company. This will help in defining the steps that have to be carried out in order to develop the product successfully. The product management mantra should contain a statement such as ‘We strive to make our customer’s lives easy. This would indicate that the product management team focuses on achieving customer satisfaction.

Product management mantras help in creating an atmosphere of trust within the organization. With the help of this mantra, the product development team can develop a product that is worth the trust of the customers. This will create an increase in the production output and hence, the productivity levels would increase too.



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